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Alice Porter: the Tasting

New arrivals
Wednesday, 23 February 2011 21:48


Here the tasting notes of the Brewdog’s brand new beer.

Deeply dark, with a compact and cappuccino-like colour foam. Very complex at the nose with roasted sensation of toasted nuts, cocoa and fresh and balsamic hints. In the mouth the sensations we had at the nose are even better presented: the body is surprisingly light and the beer evolves from a sweet and round beginning with nuances of dark chocolate, to bitter/aromatic/resinous notes given by hops. These dominate the end of the tasting, leaving an almost liquorice feel that mingle well with the intense roasted sensations. Carbonation is really smooth and velvety. The very end is incredibly fresh in a beer really well built in the managment of body, structure and alcohol.

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