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AB:05 is coming!

New arrivals
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 20:30


The production of Abstrakt range beers, created by Brewdog almost one year ago, is going on. The new beer, AB:05, is defined by the brewery as Belgian Imperial Stout. For sure an inedit style; the result of the fusion between the classic recipe of an Imperial Stout and the fermentation with a Belgian yeast. At the end of the fermentation AB:05 has aged for 4 months on loads of chips of toasted cocconut and a huge quantity of cocoa.

The more interesting thing about this beer is the Belgian character given by yeast on a very British beer style.


AB:05 is described by the brewery as follow:

...blacker than midnight beer pours with coffee brown head so thick you could almost stand on it and with an epic lacing on your glass.


...as the beer warms in the glass an amazing complexity develops with almond, coffee, coconut, rum, raisons, tinges of port, molasses and caramel all present. The mouth feel is dramatic, this is such a thick, rich beer and we decided to go with high carbonation. The result is a liquid velvet mouth feel that glides along your pallet. The high carbonation gets lost in the density of the stout but ensures the flavors are delivered in the most enthralling way. Chocolate, toasted marshmallow, roasted almonds, caramel, touches of red fruits and thousands of other flavors entice you as you gently sip away at it. I am just a little sad the batch was so small and we lost so much removing the coconuts and all the cacao.

AB:05 arrive in 10 days in a very limited number of 375 ml bottles. As for the other Abstrakt beers, AB:05 is a unique production very good to be aged.

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