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Punk Ipa: the contenst!

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Thursday, 12 May 2011 00:00

New Punk Ipa, in can and in bottle, arrived a month ago. This is the reason why we decided - after we have pubblished the compared tasting done by Beer Reviews - to do the same. We - me and Luca Giaccone - tasted blind the three versions of Punk Ipa (old recipe, new recipe, can) several times to be sure of the results. Beers arrived already in the glass so that nothing, even the noise of the opening of the ring-pulll, could influence us.


Here the descriptions of the three beers and then our global judgement. 


Orange, really clear and bright, with golden reflections. At the nose fresh grassy and floreal notes. In the mouth, after a short sweet beginning, comes out the hoppy note that rules the central and the final part of the tasting. Beer a little bit imbalanced in the bitter component that is a bit rough.


Orange, with copper reflections, a little bit hazy. Nose is dominated by the aromatic components of hops, in particular the fruity once (exotic fruit, grape) in addiction to the resinous and those of hydrocarbons (really close to the smell of an aromatic icewine). In the mouth it is wide in perfumes, sweet and smooth in the beginning, and after few seconds the hops' flavours come out. The end is bitter, fresh and dry. 


Orange, a little bit paler than the previous one, with a colour more amber. At the nose, not so intense as the other, comes out a nice sensation of exotic fruit and hearth. In the mouth the first half of the tasting is dominated by the malty notes, with the hoppy ones that take possesion of the end. A little less fresh than the previous one.

So these are the descriptions. Pur favourite one was the second one: the nose, so wide, and the mouth fresh, perfumed and dry, give to the beer pleasantness and drinkability. The third (C) although was nice and well balanced it wasn't so fresh and elegant. Really different was the first beer: imbalanced and rough.

This is the overall profile of the tasting.... A=old recipe; B=can; C=new recipe.

Let us know what you think of these three version on our Facebook page. 

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