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Paradox Special Limited Edition

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Thursday, 21 February 2008 15:05

Let’s start from the last comer in the Ales & Co. Family, Brewdog Brewery!

To celebrate Brewdog first Birthday the Scottish brewery is preparing a very special version of its Paradox! 200 bottles of  Paradox (10%abv),  matured for 12 months in a 1968 Bowmore whisky barrel 1968 Islay Cask and bottle conditioned, will be released in a few months to celebrate the brewery’s first year of succesfull activity.

This 1968 Islay Cask (10%abv) has been infusing the stout with the essence and aroma of this high quality vintage giving birth to a beer which promises to be really special.

Each bottle will wear a sophisticated limited edition labels, designed by a local artist. 

The “booking of these beers has begun and we have managed to secure a few bottles for Italy….

…to be continued.